When a 'Post truth-era' is only but a failed myth, evidence must prevail


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We form a gathering of non-politicized Academics who believe that no truth can ever be achieved or disseminated without solid evidence.

If after WW2, the United States have imposed the unequivocal ‘voice of America’ as the sole expression of ‘the truth’ within the so called ‘Brand New World’- now that globalist and liberal ideologies have failed-  the Jewish Christian world is entitled to ask : “what’s going on next ? “.

This site is decaded to confronting this question and subsequent interactions on the world with impartiality and logical reasoning.

Some twenty five centuries ago, the death sentence of Socrates was the legal consequence of asking politico-philosophic questions of his students :

  •                      “Is our Democracy rotten ? Who are those ruling  from behind the curtains? Teach us about this patrician oligarchy” – from which resulted the two accusations of moral corruption and impiety.

At trial, the majority of endoctrinated dikasts (male-citizen jurors chosen by lot) voted to convict him of the two charges. The ultimate punishment led to Socrates’s drinking a poisonous beverage of hemlock.

Since then, corruption and particular interests’ privileges have flourished. For centuries, a class of happy few has pursued one goal : Destroy, discredit or replace philosophers by acquiescent teachers, academics, 1960/1970’s sociologists, ethnologists, psychologists and psychanalysts. The publishing sector has even corrupted some, among the Philosophers who were desperate to sell books and reach fame.

On this website, you will find the incorruptible irredeemable deplorables Socrates.

Our articles may be written and posted in various languages, according to our respective citizenships. As a convenience, a Google translator tool is available.

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The incorruptible thinkers from the old continent.