PART 4 out of 4

|By Mylene Doublet O’Kane, Philosophy & History of Ideas, Teacher, writer, Israeli-French independent editorialist
|Editor’s note:
|The original source is the French language. This in-depth review is in 4 sections. The reader must be aware that once he has started to read, he may not stop. The philosophical analysis implies the claim of initial postulates which may not reflect the final conclusions.
|The author is an experienced teacher. She has developed a personal technique which favors understanding for both French |and English speakers.
|Sept, 2017
Author’s note:
This work was necessary to help the ordinary man connect the dots between the History of ideas, (Geo)-politics, ethics and the future of mankind. This is why nobody wanted to take the risk to write it. Hence, it is my personal honour and privilege to present this address, at a time when other thinkers in the West, among them the very greatest, are condemned to silence, thus to an exile from their fellow men.

DEBATE : Introducing to Al-Biosynthetic Century

These decades may be the last ones before man sinks into final slavery. In a near future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and biosynthetic engineering will manage to manufacture androids which shall closely resemble humans and biosynthetically engineered humans which shall resemble androids. If such a prospect is nightmarish to many scientists, humanist scholars and theologians, Max More’s vision of ‘transhumanism” may come true sooner than expected.

“Transhumanism is a movement whose goal is to enhance the human condition physically and intellectually through the application of scientific and technological means”. (Carvalko, Joseph, “The Techno-human Shell-A Jump in the Evolutionary Gap”. Sunbury Press, 2012)

Ever since British geneticist J. B. S. Haldane’s essay “Daedalus: “Science and the Future” (1923), “scientists advocating transhumanism have flirted with the idea of eugenics made possible by advances in science and technology. The idea of humans existing in a mechanical environment and approximating an android could be an anathema to a theologian or a humanist. For transhumanists, this is neither blasphemy nor perversion of the human condition; only its improvement.”

A docile army of engineers and teams of maintenance technicians

Medium-sized firms, big corporations and investors advocating for this new “revolution” believe that “many new opportunities will be created by the new industry and robots will complement humans rather than humans competing with robots for jobs“. Obviously, the challenge for large corporations is to have as many engineers as possible to keep pace with the job demand. Another objective is to create such competition, that the Masters [Capital owners and CEOs] are able to hire “useful servants” for punctual missions and for the lowest possible salary. The same process shall apply in regards of specialized technicians in robotic maintenance. In some years from now, and sooner than expected, the typical plant will be formed of robots under the surveillance of an average of 4 maintenance technicians. The next step is easily foreseeable; “Useful servants” will become “useless”, as the robots shall be able to complete maintenance tasks on their own. The perfection of profitability for “the Masters” and their blissful optimism echo this simple contemplation. While praising inclusiveness, inter-cultural exchanges and globalization, American companies have complained that “the government must do something to meet the demand shortage that forces corporations to recruit from India, China, Iran, Russia and other countries”. India and China graduates 10 to 20 times more engineers (depending on the source) than the U.S., where it is said that the field is not popular with students. On November 30, 2016, the computer sciences dean Andrew Moore testified before the congressional Subcommittee on Space, Science and Transportation that “the US must have one million High School students now geared for engineering to maintain global competitiveness in AI.”

International race: geopolitics and ethics

The western human brain

European countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia and France have always produced exceptional engineers. Actually, the U.S. have always “brain-drained” the best European academics in any field, regardless of scientists being former Nazis for instance.

Presiding from July 1960 to February 1970, Wernher Von Braun became the NASA’s first Director, despite of him having joined the SS as soon as 1940, when he was given the rank of Untersturmführer in the Allgemeine (SS membership number 185068). On December 22, 1942, Adolf Hitler signed the order approving the production of the A-4(V1-V2 missiles) designed by Von Braun to target London. “Hitler was so enthusiastic that he personally made Von Braun a professor shortly thereafter, which was an exceptional promotion for an engineer”. Had the Soviet and British Intelligence agencies joint effort not succeeded in delaying the rocket program and Von Braun’s team at Peenemünde camp, Great Britain and Europe would have most certainly endured greater hell. Meanwhile, true hell, this sort of hell that even the Christian holly scriptures have not envisioned, was happening in Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp and tunnel, where 20,000 died from illness, beatings, hangings, and intolerable working conditions. Numbers of Holocaust survivors testified that “Pr. Wernher Von Braun would engage in unhuman treatments or approved of them. Von Braun ordered a prisoner to be flogged. He stood by, as prisoners were hanged by chains suspended by cranes”. Former Buchenwald inmate Adam Cabala testified under oath: “Wernher went to the concentration camp to pick slave laborers. (…) Also, the German scientists led by Prof. Wernher Von Braun were aware of everything daily. As they went along the corridors, they saw the exhaustion of the inmates, their arduous work and their pain. Not one single time did Prof. Wernher Von Braun protest against this cruelty and bestiality during his frequent stays at Dora. Even the aspect of corpses did not touch him. On a small area near the ambulance shed, inmates tortured to death by slave labor and the terror of the overseers were piling up daily. But, Prof. Wernher Von Braun would pass them so close that he was almost touching the corpses”. [18]. How could possibly such a man become the NASA’s first Director, some fifteen years after? The world is not cynical. Some Humans are. Hitler was. Stalin was but quite ironically, American “liberators” would re-write history in such a way that can hardly hide the ultimate form of fascism, as defined by Hannah Arendt or Robert Paxton. U.S. former administrations have parroted that had the U.S. not taken these Nazi scientists, the Soviet Union would have used them all the same. As far as historical researches have digged the question, most of Nazi prisoners died in post-war camps. Staline had some Nazis thrown to infuriated crowd which gave more than 24 million people to liberate Europe from Nazism and a small rest was finally sent back to Germany. Hundreds of thousands Americans gave their lives for “freedom”, absolutely unaware that in time, their nation would cover up a Nazi New World order to the human scale.

One reason why Europe has always produced remarkable scientists may be found in a European culture of “excellence” whose originated roots may go back as far as the Jewish commandment to not be satisfied with what an individual is told or shown, but to personally experience or imagine the opposite, [including irrationality], and then push the rational reasoning and necessary intermediary justifications as far as internal logics and morality stand together. Or, to put it different, a man shall let his many desires teach him his own boundaries as a human being. G-d’s final irony may be that “in exploring the macrocosm, man has come to realize a final featureless unity of Space-Time, Mass-Energy, Matter-Field and ultimate undiversified and eternal ground beyond which there appears to be nowhere to progress. ‘The prison house’ said Plato is the world of sight. Every seeming avenue of escape from this prison house leads only deeper into a misty realm of symbolism and abstraction”. In Dr. Einstein and the Universe, by Lincoln Barnett.

Hence, man’s flurry for materialist accumulation embodies his own struggle against his own ontological imperfection. AI is a mere illusion for the Masters to believe that ultimate domination would compensate their tragic solitude and moral mediocrity. An additional explanation for European excellence may point to the correlation that can be drawn between grammatical conventions related to a given language [including a mother tongue] which require exceptional analytical reasoning, and brain plasticity performances. Latin, French, Russian and German are typical examples.

The European challenge

For the past forty years, legions of French students, for instance, have benefitted from robust academic curriculums in computer sciences, mathematics and physics. As of now, these fields represent what the French call the elitist “royal way”, and philosophy studies “the Parthenon of excellence and of human brain’s accomplishment”. Over the past decades, a large number of graduate engineers have flown to the Californian Silicon Valley, either to bargain their remarkable expertise, or to join private funded university labs or to open their own company, start-up etc. Today, the obvious challenge for Europe’s success depends on its ability to reverse several decades of ‘brain-drain’ and to keep leading talents home. However, considering that French educational system is somehow free [from pre-K to PhD graduation], the French taxpayer is particularly shocked that the ECB conducts a shy credit policy which exacerbates competition between over qualified ‘micro-entrepreneur engineers’ to the sole benefice of big corporate and private investors’ speculation. The French are also very much aware of the “new” pernicious policy consisting in pushing early tracked-pupils on routes which would exclusively serve “the Masters”, with consequential detrimental effects on their ability to seize the big picture masked behind governmental and mainstream media’s communication hyperactivity.

Cyberculture, political manipulation, arenas of open or covered repression, conformity and free will loss

If we admit with John Locke and subsequent empiricist modern philosophers that environment shape human nature, then considering the way things go and the inner nature of the Masters, big corporations and governments will first program robots to mimic human behaviors and create a friendly ‘addictive’ atmosphere.

But in a second phase of public unawareness, humans will begin to mimic robots whose programming will be gradually modified.

Hence, Conformity to the robot and growing loss of human free will may be gone almost unnoticed. Obedience is what business Masters expect from their servants [employees and consumers], what governments expect from their respective slavish citizenries, what Capitalism, as the paroxysmal antinomy to a pure and perfect competitive market, has completed in less than three centuries, while pretending otherwise. Just as robots are subject to conformity lacking free will, masses have moved in that direction under the westernization [globalization] imposed by a disguised fascist Americanism It often seems as though a world class of servants has moved closer to the science fiction world of Fritz Lang’s METROPOLIS, but it is all in the name of “progress for mankind.”

Today, one in 2 western servant’s son is not able to enjoy a real holiday anymore, a real adventure anymore, a real contact with nature, a real sensuality experience with the liquid immensity of the many oceans. The only trip he can afford and to which he is conditioned to enjoy comes from AI, through virtual reality (VR). It is advertised as “more real” than the blood running in his veins. It teaches him isolation, rejection of the family links, rejection of the real community. The only reality that makes sense to him from now on is the virtual universe from which he cannot switch off and from “likes” on his cell phone.

Erich Fromm’s theory of “social necrophilia” helps to explain human behavior “increasingly emulating technical devices, not merely as a byproduct of science and technology, but of sociopolitical conditioning in a world where human values are measured by inanimate objects. There is a case to be made that identity with the machine and emulating it leads to a necroculture distorting human values where inanimate objects have greater worth than human beings – materialism in a capitalist society over humanism of an anthropocentric society is the norm”. (Charles Thorpe, Necroculture, 2016)

Dataism; the new “opium of the people?”

In his introducing incipit of “A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right”, Karl Marx wrote during the cold Parisian winter of 1843: “Religion is the opium of the people”. In the light of this new technological revolution, the author’s word may eventually save “the people” from a perverted form of oppression presented as a religion of Gods like. His intellectual argument was that:

“The criticism of religion is the prerequisite of all criticism. (…) Man, who has found only the reflection of himself in the fantastic reality of heaven, where he sought a superman, will no longer feel disposed to find the mere appearance of himself, the non-man [Unmensch], where he seeks and must seek his true reality. The foundation of irreligious criticism is: Man makes religion, religion does not make man. Religion is, indeed, the self-consciousness and self-esteem of man who has either not yet won through to himself, or has already lost himself again. But man is no abstract being squatting outside the world. Man is the world of man – state, society. This state and this society produce religion, which is an inverted consciousness of the world, because they are [State and society] an inverted world. Religion is the general theory of this world, its encyclopaedic compendium, its logic in popular form, its spiritual point d’honneur, its enthusiasm, its moral sanction, its solemn complement, and its universal basis of consolation and justification. It is the fantastic realization of the human essence, since the human essence has not acquired any true reality. The struggle against religion is, therefore, indirectly the struggle against that world whose spiritual aroma is religion. Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people”.

If religion is “the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world”, Dataism is on the contrary the new opium for a class of western Masters and privileged elites. From 164 billionaires in 2010 to 8 in 2017 with an unchanged 10% ratio of westernized elites controlling 99% of “the wealth of the nations”, we can thus conclude that the Hegelian theory according to which time has an emancipating meaning was a smart trap used by Capitalism to reach ultimate domination and Gods like immortality.

AI : The Existential alienation, Cyberculture, Narcoculture, Necroculture

In “Being and Nothingness”, Jean-Paul Sartre would address the “Existential alienation” as follow:

“We are wired to alienation by the dominant market-oriented culture, whereas the French peasant in the 12th century was presumably content in the illusion of connectedness to the divine and hope for eternal Paradise”.

In this simple comment, the atheist philosopher of praxis eventually went on questioning the notion of western modernity as a perversion of moral behaviour ; a crucial part which articulates responsibility and freedom in the existentialist dialectic. Furthermore, a dominant market-oriented culture has skyrocketed addictive behavior – drugs, drinking, gambling, etc. – which may get even worse with the AI technology.

Although narcotics use in the US has been an integral part of society since the Nixon administration created the war on drugs to punish the black people and the anti-war left, in our cyberspace era, there is some correlation between the necroculture of which cyberculture has become an integral part and widespread use of drugs in the secular West. The culture of materialism and hedonism are certainly considerations as is marginalization and alienation of a segment of the cyberspace community. Will AI make people able to cope with alienation without resorting to narcotics and/or prescription pain killers, or will they become even more addicted because of alienation? (Fred Turner, From Counterculture to Cyberculture. 2006)

Some journalistic reports are deeply concerning :

“The population of the US is 4.34% of the world’s, but consumes 80% of the world’s opioids. The US also has the top spot in the use of a number of other narcotics, including cocaine and marijuana with heroin addiction infecting all communities in the nation. It hardly comes as a surprise to most people in the age of cyberspace that human beings in much of the world are increasingly more alienated despite of the means of communications available. Symptomatic of the Industrial Revolution and rise of urbanization, alienation is hardly the result of computers and cell phones. The sense of community once enjoyed in the village, small town neighborhood, small social environments where people enjoyed personal interactions as in the place of worship have been replaced by cyberspace and they are about to become even more remote with the advent of robotic and artificial intelligence. Those in the business of developing AI argue that their goal is to build robots more human than humans for everything from doing menial jobs around the house to satisfying the human in the bedroom. This raises many questions about the perimeters of human identity and uniqueness. Is the human mind more like a computer or is that only one of its many aspects? Some believe that sex robots will become widely used in a decade and by the middle of this century women will use mostly robots. Clearly, AI social robots, including sex-bots or companion-partners will be confined to those who can afford them, with much cheaper and crude versions for the broader rental market”.

“A segment of the male population could be opting for a Stepford Wives type of relationship with a female, and for those who are into alternative sex lifestyles could be enjoying the freedom of relationships with a machine without any pressures or limitations that human impose. Everything from objectification of the sex partner to taboo sexual practices will be made much easier with robots that will change how humans view sex, emotional, and intimate relationships with other people. (Jason Lee, Sex Robots: The Future of Desire, 2017)”.

“At this stage, there is interest on the part of companies making crude versions of sex robots to capture the global market craving inanimate objects that are as close to human as AI permits for the relatively low price of a moderately priced car. It would hardly be surprising if Las Vegas style AI clubs appear throughout the world as part of the adult entertainment industry. Beyond the economics of the adult entertainment robot industry that promises disease-free, problem-free relationships, there is the issue of humans becoming intimate with machines, namely, robo-love/lust that reinforces proclivities towards Necroculture“.

In other words, for the past two hundred years, the same Hegelian totem has served particular interests in the name of a falsely humanistic vision. “Progress” has led to a western Necroculture (one-dimensional thinkers) whose materialistic-orientated frustrations are being tamed by artificial paradises, self-centered relations to the world and to the otherness. The new era is the possibility to finally divert the wealth of all nations. It is also the possibility to judge all nations in the name of G-d, and this is not man’s privilege according to many individuals worldwide.

“Let the nations be roused; let them advance into the Valley of Jehoshaphat, for there I will sit to judge all the nations on every side with righteousness and the peoples with equity on behalf of my people and my inheritance, Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations; and they have divided up My land”.

AI-RT, Civil Rights and Police-State-Militarism : Perfect fascist, perfect soldier

“Nil humani mihi alienum puto ergo homo sum.”

These simple words [I am a man, therefore I consider that all human concerns are mine] were pronounced by Terence; a Roman poet who’s never forgot that he’d been sold as a slave. Meanwhile, the powerful meaning by which they stand may soon go unnoticeably silent. A human being is a sum of visible or invisible marks of uniqueness and at the same time, he is a fantastic elaboration of rationality, instinctive or planned spontaneity, emotional ventures, self-improvement, a skeleton, bones and soul of incorrigible resilience, a spirit of limitless boundaries of creativity or of non-creativity in the sense that imagination may reflect in both contemplative and social praxis. On the contrary, the robot, even the most advanced one, will never have the quite infinite range of human emotions. Even if programmed not to harm humans and to adequately interact with human signs of fear, sadness, contentment, pain, tiredness, dissatisfaction, a robot will never feel the sparkle of the human uniqueness. This makes a robot as much the perfect soldier and police officer as it does the perfect worker to obey. Through Robotics Technologies (RT), corporations are designing the perfect soldier and worker and one that would be a model for humans to emulate or mimic.

There is nothing inevitable about the polarizing impact of AI as some have argued any more than there was anything inherently polarizing for society with the invention of the steam engine or electricity, except in so far as technology is a part of a class-based economy bound to disadvantage the lower classes in the race for capital accumulation. The issue is how the new science technology will operate under the capitalist system as an instrument of capital accumulation and how politicians, from the populist right wing that may oppose AI to the progressive left that may favor it under a certain regulatory regime intended to benefit the broader population.


The police-state militarism regime is already here concealing itself behind the very thin veil of bourgeois democracy that lacks accountability to anyone other than the capitalist class whose representatives formulate policy. The Pentagon estimates that in another 20 years the US armed forces will be composed of both humans and hi-tech machines that will be more lethal than anything we have seen in the past. Of course, the drone warfare that became popular with the Pentagon and CIA under President Barak Obama set the groundwork for machines fighting humans, destroying many innocent civilians in the process when hitting military targets in Muslim countries.

The US government has contracted for autonomous robot soldiers with the ability to fight in the front lines and make spontaneous strategic decisions under changing battlefield conditions. Considering that drones have been largely responsible for indiscriminate killings of civilians, how would Robo-soldier do in the battlefield against the amorphous “human enemy” of soldiers and civilians? Will AI create war crime conditions much worse than we have ever seen, or will it be discriminating killing and destroying?

IA: Political indoctrination, a pyramidal system and half G-ds

There is an obvious chance that governments and the elites will have AI programed to manipulate public opinion to an even greater extent that it is already the case today, where empirical truth is reduced to a relativist alternate reality amid a barrage of propaganda. Moreover, why would corporations not be using AI to manipulate consumers and increase profits? The AI industry is itself a reflection of where capitalism has come to; a fascism which hides behind the thin lacquering of a word invented by ancient Greek Patricians to fool and control a class of servants and scapegoats via demagogy and the art of sophistry. Later, these rhetorical technics of seduction rather than intellectually convincing argumentative speeches would become the distinctive mark of Jesuits’ casuistry [false logics aiming at justifying series of ‘moral’ exceptions]. This is the reason why ancient Greek Philosophers would vigorously expose and oppose Democracy.

Because moral reasoning programmed into an AI device will have the inherent limitations of its programmer (s), the question is less of knowing who will program them, rather than who will they obey? Obviously, the elites will enjoy the use of AI as instruments of exploitation to a certain degree of power.

Under this scheme, if transhumanism has a future, some elites may enjoy the life of a super-race exactly comparable to the biblical “divine race” / Nefilim (Genesis 5-6 Berechit) or to the corresponding analogy within the promethean society .This race of techno-perfection would eventually emulate their robot partners that would either replace or supplement their human partners in the same way as the “divine race”/ Gods and Goddesses would sometimes seduce “the most desirable human beings” in respective biblical and Hellenistic mythologies.


As we have previously noted on the economic level, the New Silk Road project and the SCO represent humanitarian alternatives to western-led Nazi project. Russia, India, the BRICS as a bloc, along with many other nations within the Christian and non-Christian civilization are thrilled by this new philosophy for international development. This doesn’t mean that Artificial intelligence and nanobotics won’t be used. The question is never about the technological advance, but rather how mankind interacts with it. Hence, an introduction to China’s in-depth philosophy appears a consistent insight to provide a basis for further thoughts and actions.

Modernization or westernization of China?

China’s better-than-expected economic performance in the first half of this year was applauded by overseas organizations who believe that the country will continue to be a stabilizer of the global economy thanks to a strong resilience. In the first half of the year, China posted a forecast-beating GDP increase of 6.9 percent, higher than the global average. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised China’s 2017 growth forecast to 6.7 percent, its third increase this year. Bloomberg projected China’s GDP in the third and fourth quarters at 6.6 and 6.7 percent respectively, both projections 0.1 percent higher than its previous forecasts. Does it mean that China aspires to westernization?

“We are all condemned to modernization”. This sentence, almost bitter and laconic, pronounced by Mexican poet and writer winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize of Literature Octavio Paz may not fully apply to China. As Pr. Zhou Ning once put it:

“China aspires to modernization, not to westernization. But whilst modernization certainly partially incorporates westernization, the modernization process in China is an inter-dialogue between traditions and modernity. In the first three quarters of the 20th century, China’s experience reveals the two-way failure of one-way modernization: either the inertia of the tradition destroys modernity, as was the case with the restoration of the imperial regime four years after the proclamation of the Republic of China in 1911, or modernity destroys traditional culture, as did Maoist socialist practices, or Stalinism in the late Soviet Union. Neo-Confucianism is creating a process of dialogue and interaction between tradition and modernity. (…) During the era of Deng Xiaoping, Chinese policy reacted against extreme Maoism by refocusing on economism and consumerism; a reaction that appeared to trigger another deviation. Now, more than ever, China needs to look to the Confucian idea of the middle way, hence the new policy with the mission of constructing a harmonious society. China can be modernized, if evolution and progress are balanced. But a westernization of China would mean she’s no longer China. She would become a different culture and the Chinese a different race. China must retain Chinese culture as her substance and only learn from the science and advanced technologies of the West, or possibly emulate western mechanisms for managing society, if the control of the human brain is not the final goal of westernization.”

In other words, China’s vibrant millennia-old civilization embodies a constant search for harmony and metrion [opposite to hubris] between modernity and tradition. China’s philosophy is a journey which includes altruism, solidarity, sympathy, compassion, empathy, loyalty to nature and attitude of responsibility towards the otherness. China was not born under Mao Zedong. She is an old and wise lady. Hardly anybody in the West truly understands how much China wants to form part of the human being as a whole. Similarly to the one who truly approaches the inexhaustible source of riches lying deep inside the quiet Russian soul knows he has found a river of humanistic emotions and an exceptionally loyal friend; characteristics which transpire from the Russian literature so remarkably, the Chinese attitude to the western vocal cult of self and individualism does not echo a sign of positive virtue. In truth, the Confucian’s concept of responsibility to others and Kant’s first formulation of the first categorical imperative sparkle into a mutual wish for mankind:

“Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law”.

This doesn’t mean that nations should not protect their national cultural identities, but rather that throughout broad economic projects which will benefit as many nations as involved on fair-trade basis and beyond scientific knowledge, a sense of social primacy for mutual help and the respect for nature shall finally enable an ontological communion with the universe.

Western and Eastern philosophies

In this respect, by analyzing the three sorts of attitudes to life which, in his eyes, characterized Western, Chinese and Indian cultures, neo-Confucian thinker and philosopher Liang Shuming distinguished three approaches, each of which corresponding to “vital orientations”.

“Western culture primarily expresses the desire to progress, resulting in attempts to conquer and control nature, with scientific research aiming to transform the nature of things and democracy originating in the struggle against absolute power”.

“Chinese culture is characterized by the attempt to alter, limit or moderate desires, as well as satisfaction and contentment with what existence has to offer”. In this sense, it is somehow comparable to the Greek Epicurean philosophy or to the Jewish recommendation to be happy with what you have.

In a very interesting way, the notion of possession evaporates into the Indian’s culture which conveys the renouncement of desire by questioning existence or retreating from the world. It would be quite impossible to offer an in-depth analysis of ancient to modern Indian philosophies under the present frame. An arbitrary selection would obviously be unsatisfactory. Meanwhile, I shall mention some consistent insights which somehow articulate Indian spirituality. Almost similarly to Plato’s idealism and contemporarily to the Hellenistic period, some Indian philosophers such as Rishis centered philosophy on the assumption that there is a unitary underlying order in the universe which is pervasive and omniscient. Various schools concentrated on explaining this order and the metaphysical ‘entity’ at its source (Brahman). From this effort, the concept of natural Law (Dharma) provided a spiritual basis for questioning the nature of reality, the structure and function of the human soul and how the connections between the two have substantial implications for human salvation (Moksha). The Sages urged humans to discern this order and to live in accordance to it. In other words, the renouncement to desire corresponds to the wish not to break the perfect harmony of the universe. According to Jainism, non-violence (Ahimsa) is the basis of the “right View”, the condition of the “right Knowledge” and “the kernel”, the prerequisite to “the right Conduct”. Quite logically, self-control (vratae) is a vital orientation for one’s spiritual development on his path to discover his soul’s true nature; a condition to reach infinite knowledge and therefore to reconcile with the harmony of the universe. Although Jain doctrine draws an arbitrary partition between Kevalis – those who have infinite knowledge and can know/ reach the true answer -, by contrast to the rest of men who can only reach a part of it, the question of the right conduct and attitude towards the otherness is fundamentally humanistic in essence.

Although many Indian philosophical systems, such as belief in Karma; a causality or consequentialist relationship between past, present and future actions/ behaviors are shared with Buddhist philosophy, a major departure can be stressed in the Buddhist rejection of a permanent, self-existent soul (atman) in favour of anatta (non-Self) and anicca (impermanence).

According to Shuming Confucian vision, all cultures evolve from the era of humans faced with the material world to the era of humans faced with each other, and from there, to the era of humans faced with themselves.


The world has come at a crossroads towards its final destination. What role plays the material world in my relationship to myself, to the otherness and in my connection to the universe? What room is left for self-improvement, if the material world somehow manages to change my human identity? In its quest to control and break the natural law, is a westernization of the world desirable?

Interestingly and quite ironically, emerging countries have gradually paved the way for a transition between the material world used as a means, and the humanistic era in which the Universal law is the end. China’s New Silk road and routes are part of this transition. Hence, in its old colonialist and Nazi attempt to control mankind for the sole benefit of happy few, it will come as no surprise that the U.S.-led war machine tries to blast all bridges. In this respect, this is not globalization that is a threat to humanism, but rather westernization as a means to implement a New World Order to the human scale. To spread fear, hatred and divisions, to brandish failed ideologies, to denounce racism, antisemitism, islamophobia while backing Sunni terrorism and while pretending to act “in the name of Democracy and of humanism” are blatant symptoms from which transpires a persistent refusal to reconcile humanity with the initial harmony of the universe.

I shall not draw too much attention on the BIS (Bank for International Settlements).

Nonetheless, “For those I loved” or more exactly for those I could have loved and on behalf of over sixty million people who died during WW 2, the gentle Jewish voice which has started this address wishes to bring over knowledge instead of information. The BIS is not a Bank. It’s not even a private bank. It’s a club whose membership is restricted to a handful of western powerful men who determine the interest rate daily, the availability of credit, and the money supply to almost all Central banks in the world. Although the “unofficial” Bank of The Vatican enjoys full membership inside the “Bank” for International Settlements, it is a very common place to blame the Rothschild family for being at the head of a Satanist organization aiming at a global domination. Meanwhile, for those who are truly interested in history and facts, G-d has always preserved a sublime and ironical possibility. I shall close here the disturbing parenthesis.

The ontological outcome therefore depends on the ability of emerging countries, and more significantly on Russia’s and China’s possibilities to get rid of the BIS in their respective countries.

Before I finish this address, I want to expose the nature, function and perversion lying under the absurd concept of “emergency ethics”, whose sole goal serves as a moral veil covering up the ongoing implementation of a Nazi New World Order. Who has not yet realized that this intellectual fraud has developed a global basis for illegal repression and moral regression? In this respect, it has viciously secured the foundation of an antidemocratic, anti-humanitarian and permanent “State of exception” reducing all politics to a Manichean vision of the world and atrophying international politics and diplomacy into a perpetual state of war. In truth and only to scratch the surface, this is what hides behind the pacific and politically correct western concept of “a planetary Res publica”. The humanistic wish of creating a “multipolar world” is only but a snare. Easternization of the economy and a dying US dollar translates the febrility of a western model of particular interests which thought they were too big to fall.

My last concern shall focus on how can coincide the notions of sovereign State and the construction of a humanitarian world. Or to put similar paradigms on a national level, how can be reconciled good and evil, and the rational versus the irrational?


In “Il Principe”(1532), Machiavelli points to two forms of major pitfalls to avoid vis-à-vis the governance of The State. The first one is characterized by a humiliating condition of “national identity regression, moral decadence and growing insignificance”; would an isolationist conduct of the State be chosen. By contrast, “subjection to external powers, from the pope to foreign forces” would obviously annihilate the continuity of a sovereign state. Therefore, both are equally rejected and depicted as inadequate to ensure “the minimal conditions for a republican buon governo“. Far from being the devilish “political strategist” which common belief may keep in mind, Machiavelli was a passionate republican patriot. Hence, the fundamental consequentialist question for him was what would happen to the res publica in case either of these paths was chosen or somehow imposed. In this respect, not only would he advise the Prince to be willing to accept the moral burden of “the infamy of those vices without which he could not save the state”, which Machiavelli conceived as a higher moral duty, but he would also implicitly admit that a strong res publica must impose strong authority and core ethics to citizens. In other words, in advising “a Prince”, and in recommending a strong power and strong ethics [in a Christian Kingdom], Machiavelli would describe the western archetype of a republican and authoritative sovereign monarchy. Although abundantly referring to the Roman pagan form of res publica as quite ideal a model, Niccolo Miachiavelli’s conception of multicultural inclusiveness was however assimilationist rather than integrationist, with a superior idea of national identity and morals closely related to the Christian tradition and therefore, to the Jewish mosaic Law. How to address and how to manage society has always been a crucial concern for Machiavelli. In this respect, “Il Principe” is provided with judicious guidance not only showing Machiavelli’s shrewdness in his communicational skills but which more significantly emphasizes on the prevalent role of deception in his political vision. If we would transpose Machiavelli’s recommendations into the modern world where natural resources assets, scientific, economic, military, cultural warfare and info-cyber wars depend on financial capacities of leverage and on nuclear deterrence, rational reasoning would therefore reflect several lines of forces on the domestic level.

In order to ensure the durability of the State, “we have just said that The Prince” can use deception as far as general interest remains the guiding line. Hence, as the people are very much aware of “moral lies”, and as they are never sure that particular interest is not served whereas general interest is proclaimed via communicational and so-called pedagogical speeches, “The Prince” must provide concrete improvements in the daily life of his subjects/ citizens. The State must therefore rely on a strong public sector which should include not only obvious strategic areas such as the military, agriculture or a strong manufacturing system but also transportation, education, fundamental research, health, affordable housing and a substantial stake of banks (40%). These arenas represent solid evidence that the people come first in the heart of a Sovereign. At no times could wars aiming at fueling particular interests (i.e. energy and real-estate sectors), be tolerated. “There is no love; there are only proofs of love”. In other words, although promises can be claimed for decades, there is always a moment when “something’s got to give”.

On the modern geopolitical scene, the question of who are the modern Machiavellis has become of little importance. The generalization of biased democratic elections and biased mainstream media coverage reflects the fate of the human condition torn apart between three homelands; domination, possession and necessity. Hence, a whole class of western servants appear powerless, self-centered and almost already dehumanized. However, from all across the world, many also try to resist.

Then what does the Jewish soul have to say?

The human nausea

Like most Pentagon-neocon and western Jewish-Jesuit projects, the Ukraine coup and the Syrian failed coup boomeranged in the recent years, resulting in turning Russia into an Eastern pivot towards cooperation with China, South America, many African countries and all Eurasia. In their will to control and break human nature, the western world has definitely failed the European part of the Russian soul. It has failed the European people, “first with the 2007 ballistic missile defense stations in Poland and across the EU aimed at Russia, then the 2014 Ukraine coup d’état by the CIA and US State Department, obviously intended to drive a wedge between Russia and the EU; a coup that has cost Europe thousands of deaths and to the EU economies an estimated $100 billion since 2014”, according to a new UN report. It has also definitely failed the Jewish soul. The Shoah, the Jewish people and the modern Jewish land have been used as scapegoats to be brandished in the face of humanity not to serve as a basis for reconciliation between man and the otherness or between man and the harmony of the universe, but to serve as a moral excuse for more warfare and chaos. The western masters’s plan made of particular interests has never stood for Israel. It has never stood for human freedom or for peace between the many nations. The Basel-based BIS has never tried to stop the Jewish Holocaust. On the contrary, it has secured its own secret financial system for further control over mankind. It has secured the Nazi wealth and the Nazi path towards absolution. In their totalizing ambition, a handful of western Jesuit interests have seen a powerful way of exploiting fear, divisions and irreparable losses to their sole advantage for the many decades to come. This is why the Shoah was raised and proclaimed as the new religion. This is also why the Cold War has never ended.

In their innocence and fidelity to their faith, tens of thousands of Israeli soldiers in my generation, and their parents before them, have bravely combatted and have given their life with the confidence that one day, the Jew has a right to exist on his own historical land. As a result of U.S./Saudi-backed Sunni terrorism in the Middle East over the past decade, and particularly since the regime change plan in Syria has turned into a total disaster, terrorist attacks over Europe have encouraged thousands of Jews from all Diasporas to put the savings of a whole life into their Alyiah projects, only to fuel local housing market bubble handled over by ten local families and western private interests. When the bubble explodes, USD-backed Israeli economy will crush. The USD is nastily crippled. The FED is “unable” to explain why US Dollar interest rates have been so low, while the western media’s obedient rhetoric advises to invest in Japanese ally’s Yen. The Russian “hysteria” was meant to force the disruptive President Donald J. Trump into an obvious move : America needs to sell weapons and carry out all-out war worldwide to sustain her currency. The $110 bn deal of US weaponry to Saudi Arabia, a record-high, follows the same logics: Save the soldier dollar. Over the past two decades, the green banknote has been covered with hundreds of thousands of fatalities, and the trick is going on a rampage “in the name of democracy and peace”.

The BIS wanted to crush Iran in taking control of its Central bank (Obama-backed plan). The naïve person would think it was to secure Israel vis-à-vis Iran-backed Hezbollah militia and other Islamist groups. The wise person knew all along that it was a failed attempt to contain China, while capturing Eastern Syria’s energy reserves as well as Golan Heights’ Israeli oil reserves and Leviathan’s off-shore Israeli gas reserves.

In late 2010, Israel announced discovery of a “super-giant” gas field offshore in its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) located 84 miles west of the Haifa port. Geologists’ estimates reported a find of three miles deep. Three Israeli energy companies, led by Delek Energy, in cooperation with the Houston Texas Noble Energy insisted that the field would contain 16 trillion cubic feet of gas—making it the world’s biggest deep-water gas find in a decade. This discovery meant that Israel would be self-sufficient in energy and even in a position to become a major gas exporter. But Washington wanted to force a political reconciliation between Netanyahu and Turkey’s Erdogan including a deal in which Turkey would become a major buyer of Israeli offshore gas. For Washington’s geopolitical interests, the main concern was that Turkey could be relieved from her 60% Russian gas’ dependency. In return, Israel would agree to sell Turkey advanced Israeli military equipment; a perspective which did not immediately please Israel.

In 2012, Russia state-owned Gazprom submitted the highest bid to buy a 30% stake in Leviathan. Noble Energy’s Israeli partners in Leviathan had decided to bring in a strategic partner because they lacked the financial wherewithal, know-how, and connections to fully exploit the reservoir’s potential in the best delays. Cost of developing the gas discovery alone, including building a natural gas liquefaction (LNG) plant, was estimated at $10-15 billion. Israeli billionaire Yitzhak Tshuva’s Delek Group were enthusiastic about doing a deal with Gazprom, given their geopolitical power, their advanced technical skills and marketing ability globally. Quite logically, the US-based Noble Energy strongly opposed to such, most likely at the urging of Washington.

In October 2015, Israeli sources reported that Vladimir Putin had reformulated a proposal for Gazprom participation in Israel’s nascent offshore gas development and offered rational guarantees to the Jewish State vis-à-vis possible Hezbollah’s sabotage attempts on the future plant. According to comments of senior Israeli journalist, Ehud Yaari to the Sydney-based Newspaper ‘The Australian’ : “Putin has expressed renewed Russian interest in Gazprom’s entering into the Israeli natural gas sector by taking a joint venture share of the huge and costly Leviathan project. In return for a Leviathan deal, Putin has recently told Netanyahu that Russia will make sure there will be no provocation against the [Israeli] gas fields by Hezbollah or Hamas.” Considering Russia’s recent military efficiency and diplomatic influence on the resolution of the Syrian crisis, that was clearly no empty promise. Besides, since late 2014, the world prices for oil and natural gas had started to collapse dramatically with little sign of serious recovery, which was posing a problem to the US partner, Noble Energy.

On March 28, 2016, Israel’s High Court blocked the Netanyahu government’s proposal to freeze regulation changes in the natural gas industry, threatening to delay the development of offshore fields. The court strongly opposed to a proposed “stability clause”, which would have prevented major regulatory changes for the next 10 years to the biggest detriment of the Israeli households. (Extracts of “Putin plays energy chess with Netanyahu”/F.William Engdahl)

As for the Golan Heights oil reserves, the Israeli audience will be interested to learn that well-connected US energy company, Genie Energy, whose advisory board includes names such as Dick Cheney (17th United States Secretary of Defense 1989/1993, then 46th Vice President of the U.S. from 2001 to 2009) and Lord Rothschild echoes not only foreign ownership claims on Israeli wealth, but also PM Netanyahu’s plan for U.S. permanent military occupation of Israel. This is the first time in seventy years, that a foreign flag floats above an Israeli military base. Once again, particular interests win, not the Jewish ordinary person.

As an overall assessment, on the one hand, Israel is being sold to western interests who prepare a dehumanized world for happy few half Gods. They have turned the Israeli society into a Californian sub-territory of sins comparable to biblical Adna and Seboim in which individualism, iconic deities and Gold are preferred to God’s Law. On the other hand, bridges between Sunni and Shia Islam (Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Iran) seem stronger than ever before. Once again, the ordinary Israeli Jew will be assimilated to Washington/Jesuistic imperialism.

Amid talks to resume the Middle East crisis, the parliament of Iraqi Kurdistan has approved the holding on September 25 of this year of a referendum on the independence of the region including Mosul and Kirkurk, which has the status of broad autonomy within the country, as legally enshrined in the Iraqi Constitution. Kirkurk oild field represents 40% of all Iraqi extractions. Although Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi has not ruled out “the possibility of a military intervention in the event that the planned referendum would lead to an escalation of violence“, and has stressed that he “will not refuse to enter into negotiations with Erbil, capital of Kurdistan”, the withdrawal of Iraqi Kurdistan would mean a heavy economic loss.

More significantly, the independence of the Kurdish autonomy in Iraq could also lead to invasion by the Turkish armed forces, which have for many years been fighting with Kurdish armed groups within the country as represented by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units in Syria. The influential Turkish newspaper Haberturk reports: “The presidents of Turkey and France, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Emmanuel Macron respectively, are set to work out a joint initiative to respond to the prospects for holding a referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan. President Erdoğan, who is currently attending the UN General Assembly in New York, intends to discuss the issue in detail with President Macron and propose a three-tiered plan of action. The specific details of the response measures (sanctions) to the vote by Ankara will be formulated on September 22 during a National Security Council of Turkey. In the meantime, as the first step, Erdoğan intends to invite Paris to draft a joint appeal to Erbil to not hold the referendum scheduled for September 25. Once Iraqi Kurdistan agrees to this, Ankara and Paris will act as intermediaries between the Kurds and official Baghdad in the implementation of the constitutional rights of the population of Iraqi Kurdistan, the disputed regions (i.e. Kirkuk) and prepare an appropriate road map, which will be the second item of this initiative.” As Peter Lvov, Ph.D in Political Science, rightly put it : “Ankara is concerned about the impact of the declaration of independence of IK on the situation in Southeast Anatolia, where over 20 million Turkish Kurds reside and where an already yearlong war with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party militias has been raging. It is unlikely that Turkey will allow almost a third of its territory and more than 25% of its population to be separated from the country and become part of an independent Kurdish state.”

President Macron’s attempt to secure a significant stature on the international scene thanks to this situation is actually a quiet admission of weakness, of irrelevance and of perversity. Whereas the writing of his opening address before the United Nations was supposed to defend “the forgotten ones” in the world, he was betraying many of them in secret meetings behind closed doors. Indeed, hardly anybody can be as humanistically authentic as Albert Camus . In life, there are philosophers and people who pretend they are. Which path they chose in life helps to clarify.

“The writer’s role is not free from difficult duties. By definition he cannot put himself today in the service of those who make history; he is at the service of those who suffer it. Otherwise, he will be alone and deprived of his art. Not all the armies of tyranny with their millions of men will free him from his isolation, even and particularly if he falls into step with them. But the silence of an unknown prisoner, abandoned to humiliations at the other end of the world, is enough to draw the writer out of his exile, at least whenever, in the midst of the privileges of freedom, he manages not to forget that silence, and to transmit it in order to make it resound by means of his art.”

Besides, on the one hand, European leaders depend on the Turkish President’s goodwill vis-à-vis the ongoing refugees’ crisis on the old continent. On the other hand, NATO-European countries are held on a U.S. short leash. Given Washington’s involvement in the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Washington is being slow in implementing its plans to resolve the Kurdish question, to the detriment of Israel whose initial plan included a balkanization of the whole region with covered-ops escalating greater tensions between Sunnis and Shiites. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lately stated that “Israel supports the legitimate efforts of the Iraqi Kurds for independence”, while reiterating that “Turkey-based PKK is a terrorist group”. The irony isn’t lost here because Sunni Turkey and Shia Iran are on the same page concerning this issue. Iran has a Kurdish population exceeding 2 million people as well as very large national minorities of Azerbaijanis and Baluchis. So if at some point, the U.S. claims the first article of the United Nations’ first chapter – The right of Nations to self-determination – with a view to dismantling Iran, then why could 32 million Kurds not follow suit?

The truth is that the initial plan was lame and childish. Actually, it was an insult to rational thinking. The narrative that U.S./Saudi Arabia-backed Sunni extremism finally turned out to be untenable in the region and in Europe because of Russia and Iran is absurd and instead, points to the real plotters of a calamitous and too often used scenario. The consequences were predictable and are immense. PM Netanyahu cannot be satisfied with the idea that the Kurdish question of independence will be another effective method to keep Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran busy killing each other for a while. Science doesn’t progress that quickly. Or does it? He cannot be satisfied that the Hezbollah militias are now closer than ever from the Golan Heights. He cannot be satisfied with a plan selling Israel’s wealth to particular interests to the detriment of his own people. But what’s worse; he cannot be satisfied with the world having to come to realize that Israel has lost her international credibility, while boasting of being a Democracy working for the universal common good.

Hours ago, the administration of the President of the United States of America, through a statement by the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, called upon “the Iraqi Kurdistan authorities to renounce the referendum on independence set for September 25. This conduct would distract us from attempts to defeat the banned terrorist group “Islamic State” (IS) and would make it more difficult to stabilize the situation in the areas liberated from it”.

The reader will chose for himself between two sentiments: disgust or pity.

What is left of the Jewish voice that has started this present address? A line from William Shakespeare comes back to her memory: “Hell is empty. All the devils are here”.

I would like to close the book of this brief history with a quote by Lincoln Barnett in “The universe and Dr. Einstein”

“Man’s inescapable impass is that he himself is a part of the world he seeks to explore. This body and proud brains are mosaics of the same elemental particles that compose the dark drifting dust clouds of interstellar space; He is, in his final analysis merely and ephemeral conformation of the primordial Space-Time field. Standing midway between macrocosm and microcosm, he finds barriers on every side and can perhaps, but marvel, as Saint Paul did nineteen hundred years ago that :’ The world was created by the word of G-d, so that what is seen was made out of things which do not appear”.

G-d created the human brain, because he has the best sense of humor.

G-d doesn’t play dice. Google can always try.

@Mylene Doublet O’Kane, Sept 2017


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