Mylene Doublet O’Kane – Paris, April 21, 2017


On Thursday april 20, 2017 at 08:50 pm local time in Paris, 39 yo French Muslim Karim Cheurfi pulled up next to a stationary police van located on the famous and busy Champs Elysées Avenue before opening fire, shooting dead one officer.

The attacker then ran along the wide pavement as he continued firing, injuring two further officers and a female tourist. As a panicking crowd started running into shops to seek for shelters, authorities eventually opened fire, killing the man that was soon after identified as a suspect already known to police. Witness Chelloug, a kitchen assisted told Reuters :

“I came out of the Sephora shop and was walking along the pavement where an Audi 80 old version was parked. A man got out and opened fire with a Kalashnikov on a policeman. The policeman fell down. I heard six shot and was afraid. I have a two year-old girl and I thought I was going to die… He shot straight at the police officer”.

Living in Chelles, a quiet eastern suburb of the capital, the Muslim terrorist already had a scary criminal record. Prosecutor François Mollins and other officials further commented that in 2001,

  • the terrorist opened fire on two police officers which resulted in serious injuries.
  • Sentenced to 20 years in a high security prison in 2003, he was somehow released early following a most questionable appeal ruling.
  • More recently, his name was added to the ‘S’ list – a French police data base which signals the most dangerous profiles, especially the ones suspected to have close connection to Islamic terrorism.

This list consists of 17.000 names, a majority of which being closely related to militant Islamic terror organizations.

In France, one rule applies in terms of official figures: never trust what you’re told. As soon as it comes to the ardently wooed Muslin constituency that foreign sources estimate up to 12 million – religious statistics are hypocritically forbidden under the French law- don’t ever hope for honesty and rational thinking.

An incredible network merging radical Islamic gangs, drug and arms traffics should have been fiercely combatted and dismantled decades ago in Europe. Instead, national political calculations have prevailed, rapidly gangrening France which combines the biggest Muslim community, the most generous welfare system as well as utterly questionable relationships with prominent Islamic political leaders related to Salafist Sunni ‘Muslim Brotherhood” terrorist organization and Gulf monarchies’ funders.

        What is striking in France is that local globalists, Democrats and Liberals continue to chant the murdering song of multiculturalism as being the ultimate form of progress for mankind. At the end of the day, the disconnection with the French people is immense.


Similarly to what has happened all through Obama’s mandate, Socialist Democrat President Hollande has repeatedly refused to clearly name Islamic terror attacks that have left a country with 245+ victims over the past two years.

He would rather use the evasive term of ‘disgraceful’ attack until very recently. Meanwhile, Hollande was fast yesterday evening on delivering an unambiguous statement:

“I am convinced the shooting was terrorist-related”.

He didn’t go as far as clarifying that the incident was related to ‘Islamic’ terrorism, although  IS (former ISIS, ISIL) had claimed responsibility for the attack on its AQMA channel.

Why is that ? The reason is mere simple.

  1. Hollande is absolutely discredited in the eyes of the French public opinion. Still, he has to secure the Muslim vote for his successor – the Globalist governance’s pick embodied in the so called Christ-like figure of never elected candidate Macron.

2. After President Obama personally called Macron yesterday – what a timing !- it will come as no surprise to you that over the week end, the local and international mainstream media is going to praise the 39 year-old former banker and his 64 year-old ex-high school teacher and wife to discourage patriotic front-runner Marine Le Pen’s consistuency. This won’t happen.

3. However, on Sunday ap 23rd, every little trick will be used in polling stations on ground of maximum terrorist-related security.

France has a tradition of continuous rigged elections, from local to nationwide level.

Over the decades, the Socialist Party or best opponent “Les Républicains”(former RPR, then UMP) have repeatedly orchestrated ballots’ manipulations. For instance, many polling stations were surprisingly closing doors for few minutes, miraculously reopening intermittently after leaving the necessary time to fill up boxes with votes from deceased people and/or aliens living legally or illegally on the national soil. The French national election is not equipped with voting machines. Imagination is limitless. Read and watch below other undemocratic wrongdoings revealed.


Under these circumstances, Macron may be the winner of a rigged game whose strings are pulled by a Global governance. He is the closest thing to a robot that was created so far and forced into a western European country. Although declaring he ‘loves everybody and everyone can eventually become a billionaire’,

  Macron is an artificial creation designed by experts for a particular task: increase profits for a class of happy few.

  •  In a globalized world, a country must attract investment capital in order to compete, and for that it is necessary to lower labor costs.
  • A classic way to do it is to encourage immigration.
  • With the rise of identity politics, massive immigration on moral grounds as a humanitarian measure has justified that the Democrat liberal narrative hiding the globalist agenda was favored.

  • That is one reason why the Democratic Party in the United States and the Socialist Party in France have become the political partners of neoliberal globalism. Together, they have changed the outlook of the official left from’ structural’ measures promoting economic equality to ‘moral’ measures promoting equality for minorities.

At this moment, Macron is presented as being neck to neck with patriotic leader Marine Le Pen in the polls. Every possible thing has been done to defeat her by a landslide in the final round. However, all through the presidential campaign, his ties with the global elite were mostly suspicious and unpopular among the French people.

Blame it on the Russians’

For that eventuality, the preventive strike directly imported from the United States has tried to do the job. ” It’s the Russians’ fault!”. Does that ring a bell to you ?

What have the Russians done that is so terrible?  Mainly, they have made it clear that they have had enough of unsupported narrative filling the European minds. They have had enough of serving as scapegoats.

Some months ago, a Republican member of the French parliament, Nicolas Dhuicq has dared to say that Macron might be :

“An agent of the American financial system”.

To stop the controversy soon going viral, it was then alleged that the Russians had hacked into Macron’s Party data base. No evidence was ever provided to corroborate this story. On the contrary, several engineers declared to France 2 state TV that it was basically impossible to track the ‘supposed’ hackers’ location. But breaking into Macron’s Party website, they were astonished that it hadn’t been refreshed in a year’s time…

It was also claimed that the Russians were being circulating rumors that the candidate had a gay extramarital affair” (The EU Observer, February 13, 2017). Again, no solid evidence was ever provided.

In fact, the only truth to remember before going to the polls is that in case of Macron’s victory, the French people and their own land would be bargained cheap.

©Mylene Doublet O’Kane.