Mylene Doublet O’Kane, Paris – April 18, 2017

…………While the French presidential campaign is in full swing – with elections to be held on April 23rd and run-off on May 7th, 2017- a growing number of “irredeemable Deplorable” U.S. citizens and British brexiters try to figure out what is exactly going on.

………..Patriots in both countries still have a fresh memory of the Mainstream media’s level of dishonesty in the respective coverages of the Brexit vote (June 23, 2016), as well as all through the American presidential campaign. Therefore, it will come as no surprise to them to learn about the same nasty atmosphere floating under the French sky.

……….The tensions and political debates have essentially polarized the French society around the existing antagonism between pro-Globalists and Patriots, although every little trick has been used to entertain the people with unsupported name and shame stories


……….In the past two years, Europe has experienced the greatest mass movement of people since the Second World War. A deliberate underestimation of two million migrants and refugees crossed into the old continent since 2015, sparking a crisis as countries struggled to cope with the influx.

……….In the absence of a genuine organic political union – which should have come prior to the adoption of any single currency – the zone was already divided on the economic level due to a striking lack of common fiscal policy and social standards.

……….As a quick reminder, a vote on the European Constitution held in 2005 found that several countries (France, the Netherlands…) strongly opposed it. Meanwhile, a couple of years later, the Treaty of Lisbon undemocratically imposed the Constitution to 350 + million inhabitants living inside the Euro-zone.

………..As a disastrous consequence, 19 unwilling peoples with different languages, strong roots, costums and traditions were forced into the same basket for a sole purpose: the profit for Happy few. The creation of a single currency was designed in Columbia University in 1984 with one goal: enhance a global agenda. As the WSJ (Wall Street journal) once put it:

 “Once you’ve joined the Euro, your nation cannot fight recession by using fiscal or monetary policy. That leaves wage reduction, fiscal constraints, cutting government jobs and benefits- as the only recourse in time of crisis”.

………..As an obvious consequence, the only way a government can handle the situation is to fire civil servants, freeze recruitments, cut benefits and crucially cut the rules and regulations that restrict business on the national soil in order to stay competitive.

………..Indeed, the Euro has done exactly what its progenitor and the wealthy 1% oligarchy that adopted it, predicted and planned it would do:

  • ensure a European multinationals’ agenda whose lobby organization is the Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT).
  • Since the fixed currency regime came into effect in 2002, the definitely too high fixed exchange rate has devastated industries in the periphery states of 19 Euro members, while giving disproportionate benefit to Germany.
  • In addition, the globalization-a term which was popularized under Bill Clinton’s presidency to glamorize the corporatist momentum that had just matched with the creation of the World Trade Organization in 1994- was actually hidding the name of a rigged game designed for the few hundred giants and unregulated multinationals, a growing number of which have abusively use international capital mobility to serve tax evasion and speculation on markets, instead of reinvestments in the real economy.
  • A new European banking crisis is underway, although massively kept silent in most mainstream media layouts.

…….On a security level, Europe has proven to be completely unprepared and disgracefully incompetent over decades, charging the European tax-payers while accomplishing nothing to build a Defense or to coordinate efficient Schengen-zone border controls.

…….Since Charlie Hebdo’s terror attack occurred in Janv 2015 in central Paris, France has buried 245 + citizens, with an increasing number of incidents happening on a daily basis in the western capitals and countryside.




  • By far, Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has been particularly targeted for her positions against globalization and Islamic fundamentalism. In most of her speeches, she has insisted that both ideologies are the “two totalitarisms” threatening France and challenging the Jewish Christian civilization.
  • She praises a ‘Europe of sovereign nations’, a smart protectionism and free trade on fair bilateral basis.
  • The candidate also vows a temporary freeze on immigration (national unemployment reaches 10 to 11%) and a withdrawal from NATO with the aim that France can recover ‘the neutral voice of wisdom’ in case of reckless military interventionism grounded on fabricated evidence or narrative.
  • Overtime, she has been reproached her father’s negationist and antisemitic past along with his few wealthy antisemitic black sheep friends, few of whom have not yet been expelled from Front National Party (FN).
  • Marine leads the party since 2011.
  • After a disciplinary procedure, the party has pronounced Jean-Marie Le Pen’s ban.

Bottom line is :

        No French Bank has ever agreed to lend Marine money for her campaigns.

……….Beyond being utterly undemocratic, the pernicious effect is either to push her to ask her father, his questionable wealthy friends or …deliberately demonized Russia.

………This ‘Blame it on Hitler or Russia’ absurd and obsolete strategy has repeatedly served a ‘Nazi Party’ narrative promoted by liberal intellectuals, syndicated journalists, private polling agencies, the leftists (Communist leader and candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon (φ), Socialist candidate Benoît Hamon(PS)/Progressive Democrat candidate Emmanuel Macron (EM!), various identity movements, local show business stars as well as the so called ‘Les Républicains’ globalist political party (LR) whose leader happens to be former President Sarkozy’s PM candidate- François Fillon.

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Fillon         Hamon          Marine         Macron     Mélenchon

……..What the mainstream media layouts have clearly elected as their darling best opponent to the ‘nationalist’ option is Emmanuel Macron (EM !), a never elected candidate, former banker and President Hollande’s Minister for economy whose fierce liberal and global political program matches private bankers’ fulfilment.

All through the campaign, his scores have been artificially ballooned with the hope of creating an encouraging wave which has hardly ever come.

……..Until recently, various meetings have exposed desert spots on stands and a series of unforgivable gaffes.

  • For instance, on a promoting tour in Algeria in order to win the Muslim French vote, the novice candidate declared that :

“France has committed a crime against Humanity during its colonial occupation of the country between 1830 and 1962”.

  • Later on, paying a visit to overseas Guyane French territory (North Eastern part of South America), he made a comment insisting that the ongoing rebellion movement named ‘The 500 hundred brothers’ could damage the airport traffic of “the Island”.
  • His poor geographical and historical knowledge went immediately viral on social media. A list of his condescending or even insulting remarks addressed to the average working class couldn’t fit in the present article.


…….One thing is almost doubtless. Marine Le Pen is quasi certain to reach the round-off which will oppose the two final candidates. As Macron’s consistuency appears very volatile, the risk of seeing her facing ultraglobalist and ultraconservative Candidate Fillon is utterly credible, although the ‘Républicains’ leader and his wife Penelope are under respective criminal indictments for alleged misuse of public funds, falsification of documents- among other charges.

……..Unbiased polling estimations may indicate that Marine Le Pen is so high that the decision of boosting all Communist candidates (Mélenchon + minor anti-capitalist candidates Philippe Poutou and Nathalie Artaud)  has apparently been favored by the MSM over the past two weeks. For instance, the NYT’s readership has been presented the farcicial Philippe Poutou. The latest secret strategy cherishes the desperate hope of  mobilizing  undecided Front National voters as well as new FN’s electorate with former left-wing political affiliation. If Mélenchon  keeps the good work, the sublime irony may result in the total wipe-out of the traditonnal two-party system (Socialist Party/ Les Republicains former RPR later UMP) which have constituted the political changeover for the past thirty years with very little successful achievements.


………The 2017 French Presidential emphasizes on a highly significant encounter between two deeply opposing visions.

Undoubtedly, it has become increasingly obvious that the trans-Atlantic power elite have long since decided that traditional ‘representative democracy’ is no longer appropriate for a globalized world, based on free circulation of capital.

………Instead, the favored model is called “governance”, a word taken from the business world which refers to successful management of large corporations, united in a single purpose and aiming at maximum efficiency and profits.

………..Therefore, political governance aims to exercise a compulsory ‘politically correct’ liberal narrative concerning “global values” enforced by corporate media with the help of specialized committees ideally selected among the ‘happy global’ civil society. Its role is to provide suggestions concerning delicate issues, as well as to take the public opinion’s temperature on a regular basis. The increasing perverse uses of twisted psychology and communications are dedicated to minds’ shaping, to isolate or to discredit free thinkers, incorruptible philosophers, scientists, trouble-makers….

……..These features have best described political life in the United States since the early 1980s. Little by little, the transition from democracy to governance has been implemented by a two-party system which has mainly resulted in limiting voters’ choice to two candidates selected and closely vetted by principal shareholders in the national business on the basis of their commitment to pursuing the globalist agenda.

……….Under Obama’s presidency, Liberalism and globalization were pushed to the limits by the Democrats -with the occasional support from NeoCons and RINOs – until the overwhelming favorite of the entire elite Hillary Clinton was shockingly defeated by ‘disruptive’ intruder Donald Trump, suddenly threatening to destabilize the new order of modern governance.

The unprecedented negative reaction throughout the West proved how little the global governance elite was ready to cede power to a puzzling outsider.

……..Indeed, soon after his election, the unexpected reversal of the 45th President of the United States regarding his foreign policy has already challenged some of his campaign promises.  True, the situation in the United States remains uncertain. Meanwhile, if Hillary Clinton had openly decided to govern in partnership with Goldman Sachs, over private systemic banks and well-known representative of the ‘civil society’, is President Trump truly ready to drain the swamp in D.C. and to change decades of  global agenda? ……..On a domestic level, the impossibility of passing his ‘Repeal and replace Obamacare’ promise due to the poor combination of unwilling Democrats and stubborn ultraconservative representatives of the Freedom Causus may have pushed him to urge the launch of a military interventionism abroad on which many, among Democrats, NeoCons and corporate industrialists agree. What will happen with tax-cut and regulations is immediately unclear. Only time will tell if the Presidential art of the deal is able to form smart alliances.

…….In comparison, French candidate Emmanuel Macron is a pure product of the globalization system. In this respect, the local new folk in town symbolizes the perpetuation of the international private banking’s supremacy on State powers.

…….To spot the role assigned to Macron simply takes to glance at the mainstream media’s coverage. Endless magazine covers, puff pieces, platitudinous interviews. Whereas his leading rivals are systematically denigrated and have their broadcast meetings cut before they have effectively ended, the ‘media’s pet’ hardly ever had a word of criticism. In January, Foreign Policy introduced its readers to Macron as :

“The English-Speaking, German-Loving, French Politician Europe Has Been Waiting For”.

How laughable,  when considering the increasing levels of pauperization, unemployment and growth rates or job instability within the Euro-zone. Meanwhile, the Presstitude has not been afraid of reaching the ultimate ridicule when hailing Macron as a “Messianic, almost Christ-like figure”.

The truth on the Freak

  • Born in Amiens from a couple of medicine consultants, 39 years Emmanuel Macron has spent a lot of his life in school.
  • He failed entrance at France’s best school ENS, but U.S. media seem impressed by the fact that along the way from Science-Po to ENA (School of Public Administration), he studied philosophy which is certainly quite common in France.
  • In 2007, prominent Rothschild’s private Bank lobbyist Jacques Attali co-opted Macron into his super-elite “Commission for the Liberation of Growth”.
  • The Attali commission prepared a list of 316 proposals explicitly designed to:

“Install new governance in service of growth”. In this context, “growth” naturally means growth of profits, by way of measures cutting back the cost of labor, tearing down barriers to movement of capital as well as a drastic deregulation of the French Code of Labour, some paragraphs of which took almost a century to obtain”.

  • The 40 elite members planning the future of France included heads of Deutsche Bank and the Swiss firm Nestle. They also provided the young Macron with a valuable address book of useful contacts.
  • In 2008, on recommendation from Attali, Macron was taken into the Rothschild Bank at a high level. By negotiating a Nestle purchase worth nine billion dollars, Macron became a millionaire, thanks to his commission.

Alain Minc, another star expert on ‘everything’ similar to Attali or George Soros, once put it this way:

“Macron is smart, but above all, he makes a good banker because he is “charming” – a necessary quality for “a whore’s profession”.


………….These days, an alarming conspiracy theory narrative is the ultimate defense proposed by the MSM when they have no solid evidence to provide to corroborate such or such allegation. As hard as it can be, the multiplication of biased documentaries, fabricated broadcast stories, reports and analysis have totally discredited the instutionalized Presstitude. When you depend on particular interests, there stops much needed ethics. Men whose particular interests are alike, act alike. The ultimate goal is the control over ‘indoctrinated’ masses. This is the precise reason why David Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission forty years ago, to figure out how to deal with “too much democracy”. 97% of the MSM serve the system.

………….As for modern political ideologues, they keep the masses amused with arguments about themselves. Which identity group they belong to? Which gender they think they are or might be ? Who is being unfair or unfaithful to whom? Who is the most influencial one  they must “name and shame” for the crime of “hating ” ? At the end of the day, the elite meet among themselves and decide what is best to serve their sole benefits.

  • The ‘iconic’ Macron is the curtain hidding the backstage. Propulsed economic advisor to François Hollande then Minister of Economy, Finance and Digital Industry, under Prime Minister Manuel Valls, his only merit is to have vigorously promoted the Attali agency on the pretext of promoting “growth”.

“Among other things, he reversed the position of his predecessor by approving the sale of the crown jewel of French industry, the Alstom energy sector responsible for France’s nuclear power industry, to General Electric”

  • As Minister, Macron is responsible for the most unpopular law of the entire calamitous Hollande’s presidency. The so-called “Macron Law” targeted massive  deregulation existing in the French Labour Code and demanded by the European Union commission.
  • After months of demonstrations, random riots and 75% of the population’s disagreement, he was unable to win a majority in parliament.
  • The bill had to be adopted by resorting to Article 49.3, a constitutional but utterly undemocratic privilege which allows the Prime Minister to pass a bill without the parliament’s vote.
  • After this shameful procedure coming  on top of the original presidential promise of brandishing the ‘fight against the world of Finance’, François Hollande wouldn’t have the nerves to run for another mandate. Under his governance, he has finally granted a € 41 billion corporate-tax cut  to businesses including multinationals. The divorce with the average Frenchman was definitively ratified.
  • Therefore, as part of his personal revenge as to please Liberal and Globalist megalomaniacs, he has recently officially  taken side for Emmanuel Macron.

The narrative is that “Macron has risen to the top of the polls, neck and neck with the front runner, Marine Le Pen”. But who would believe this absurd story? Not, the large majority of the French people

The Mainstream media disarray

…….Not only have the French mainstream media become unanimous in their choice and unscrupulous in their methods, but the 2017 presidential campaign has astonishingly objectified their totalitarian and sneaky little tricks with the aim of inciting the stern condemnation of independent alternative news sources as “fake” and “hoax”. From this moment forward, they should be called ‘the Mastermind Management fascist Buro’.

………..After claiming the unsubstantiated narrative that his Party’s data base had been hacked by …’The Russians’, (How creative, isn’t it), Macron appears to a huge majority as the candidate of authoritarian governance running against all the others, against the French people, and against the French democracy itself.

……..In many speeches, he has rejected the idea that the French people have ever had an inherited history or a specific beloved culture.

The French Patriots will soon prove that over the many centuries, France has developed an exquisite and expedite way to deal with untalented impostors and their obsequious servants. There is no fury like the crime of high treason against his own country and fellow citizens.

In solidarity,

©Mylene Doublet O’Kane -April 18, 2017.